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Redmine plugins installation on Linux

Our plugins are easy to install and do not change Redmine database data, but we recommend a full backup before installation. What is commonly done is just copy the unarchived plugin to your redmine/plugins/ folder. Some plugins, however, may require specific Ruby gems or/and database tables.Below you will find common steps for any plugin installation (all commands should be executed from redmine app root folder ex. /var/www/redmine; that folder contains config.ru file)1

Go to Redmine's root folder

cd /var/www/redmine.2

Copy and unarchive plugin

cp [plugin_name]-x_x_x-pro.zip plugins/cd pluginsunzip [plugin_name]-x_x_x-pro.zip.3

Install required gems

cd /var/www/redminebundle install --without development redmine_finance --no-deployment.4

Migrate plugin's tables

bundle exec rake redmine:plugins NAME=redmine_finance RAILS_ENV=production.5

Restart Redmine app

For Phussion Passenger just touch restart.txt filetouch tmp/restart.txt/etc/init.d/bitnami restart.


Download the themeUnzip it into ../public/themes/. This would result in a directory-path to application.css like:../public/themes/circle/stylesheets/application.cssYou now may need to restart Redmine so that it shows the newly installed theme in the list of available themes.Go to Administration -> Settings -> Display and select your newly created theme in the "Theme" drop-down list. Save your settings.Redmine should now be displayed using the selected theme.

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